If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me!!!

This is for all the people who like Bleach and want to RPG or just disscuss. :D
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 Mai Katsumoto

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PostSubject: Mai Katsumoto   Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:30 am

Do not post here this is for my character(s) only!

Mai Katsumoto
how old you look: October 6, 18-22
Blood Type:
Black, hip length, straight, tied up in a long braid usually
Light Crystalline Blue
Body type:
Tall athletic build, b-cup
Skin Color:

Rebellious but respectful when the time comes for it; she is not normally super goofy but when she gets deprived of sleep or too much sugar she gets so hyper it’s almost impossible to control her. She can get angry but it doesn’t happen often; when it does r-u-n, she’ll kill you.
Favorite food:
Rice balls
Least Favorite food:
Pickled anything
Favorite drink:
Least favorite drink:
Green tea
Favorite color:
Bugs, oceans/drowning,

Tatsuya, the sword is shorter with a square black guard, 1/2 black, 1/2 red handle with silver strips down the sides. The blade is silver and it can’t cut her. Tatsuya himself is tall and has a skinny build compared to a person the same height; he has short black spiked hair and black starry eyes and fair skin. His expression is kind but stern and wild. He is a jokester and loves to scare the shit out of Mai. He can shape shift, he can change his appearance totally from dragon to person, or just change his physical attributes. Her inner world is a dark mountainous region with forests, Tatsuya lies on the summit of the highest mountain in a nest like area. He can appear as a big black eastern dragon or in his human form.
Release statement: Hae "Fly" Tatsuya!
It takes the form of a longer, all black katana without a guard.
Tei! Tatsu Hae! (Shave! dragonfly):
Two black wings attach themselves to my katana, making it like a battle-axe. They can shave off flesh and absorb the opponent’s reiatsu and converts it for me to use.
Mukankaku! Ketatamashii Ken! (Numb! Piercing blades!):
Tatsuya produces two, long, thin, needle-like blades. They can break off and grow back like one of Tatsuya's appendages; when they stab an opponent that spot becomes instantly numb and remain so untill the blade is pulled out of the opponent.

Bankai: Hisan Kemuritatsu, Tatsuya! (Flying smoke dragons, Tatsuya):
Tatsuya's true form appears and he turns into two black dragons made of smoke. I control them with two very short black Yari. The blades cannot cut me. The two dragons can engulf the enemy and choke them to death by absorbing the air around them. I can shoot blasts of reiatsu from their mouths by saying "bakuha" blast. It took me 10 years to learn my Bankai.
My hakama turn white and my kosode turns to smoke and turns into a black strapless bra that connects to the two dragons through the Yari.

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Mai Katsumoto
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