If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me!!!

This is for all the people who like Bleach and want to RPG or just disscuss. :D
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PostSubject: FAN-FIC RULES   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:25 pm

1.Please remeber to post your fics by chapter.

2. Please post a rating in the title; I dont want someone looking for a funny comedy type story to find a bloody gorey fic.

3. Please remember to keep your stories to below "mature" (the adult behaviors not siuted for children; I dont mind the gore) level; this isn't ment to be graphic and slutty. I dont want to have people complaining about the content of this website, seeings how the public can view and read anything here. (Meaning kids)

4. Dont post other peoples work unless you have permission to. That is called stealing and I don't premote it here.

5. Post seperate stories in seperate topics please!!!! I don't want someone coming to me and complaining that they couldnt find a story 'cause it wasnt posted the right way.

6. If you want to use characters from this site in any fan-fic, ASK FIRST!!!!!!!!!

7. HAVE FUN!!!!! This is for all of our enjoyment
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