If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me!!!

This is for all the people who like Bleach and want to RPG or just disscuss. :D
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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Sun May 31, 2009 1:57 pm

Ok, this is for your characers, Original or series characters.
There can't be more than one of the same character so don't even try.
This is what you need for a character

1. Name

2. Age: ***date you died and the age you look

3. Gender

4. physical desctription

5. basic personality

6. Name of Zanpaktou

7. Physical Desctiption of Zanpaktou both in sword and spirit

7.5. Zanpaktou's personality

*8. Your shikai: release comand and description

*9. Bankai: description of it and how long it took you to master

**10. Brief history of the character

**11. Your captain if you are a lieutenant

*: optional if you don't know shikai or bankai yet

**: for series characters only

***: for original characters only
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Sun May 31, 2009 3:05 pm

1. Zen

2.105; 32; 5; Feburay 13, 1909

3. Male;

4. short (3.5 inches off 5' 6"), normal build, tan skin, bright orange (ginger) huge spiked hair, has studs in ear and has a nose ring on the left side

5. I am weird but determined. I love to fight but I don't like war. I like to carve wood and I always have a toothpic in my mouth. I'm a relaxed person. (think Gin)

6. Yukiko (snow child; female)

7. It's first form is a Katana with a white hilt, the guard is a snowflake, blade is a whiteish-grey color; She's tall and thin, pale skin, blue eyes and long white hair. She wears a long white dress that flows like water.

7.5. Gental but bitter(like a female Gin). She is harsh but loving in her training.

8. Snow upon the Mountain Yukiko; It turns into an Ice bow that shoots out ice arrows that don't melt. It makes smowflake shuriken that swirl around like snow.

9.My hair turns white and my skin turns white and my Zanpaktou grows bigger to accomodate more arrows that are poisoned. I can make it snow and the snow is laced with poison as well. The snowflake shuriken shrink and are laced in the snow I create. (like Byakuya's Senbonzakura)

Great character....... you posted it before I did..............
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Character Creation
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